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Caring for your child’s skin


Your child may be susceptible to skin problems as they grow whether it is due to bruises, scrapes, irritation, rashes or others. It can often be a distressing time for your child, and for you. Some of the most common skin problems your child may experience are described below:

  • Dry skin – can affect children, especially if the weather is very cold. Try your best not to use soaps which are fragrant as these may be too harsh for your child’s skin and could cause dryness. Excessive scrubbing can also damage delicate skin. Make sure to dry your child’s face properly after washing, and you may also wish to apply a gentle cream to their body to ensure their skin is kept moisturised.
  • Chapped skin – Your child may get chapped skin but there are many creams available to combat this problem. There are children’s lotions available to keep your child’s skin moisturised and prevent chapping.
  • Itchy skin – Many children suffer from itchy skin, especially if they have eczema. Your child can be especially prone to itchy skin during the winter months. It is often helpful to give your child regular baths and keep your child’s skin well moisturised.
  • Broken skin – Your child’s skin can sometimes split and this can be quite painful. You may find splits on your child’s feet or hands and this can often be a result from very cold weather or frostbite.


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